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Hey you awesome Tweeple 😍

The purpose of this blog post is to spread awareness among you awesome Tweeple about always being a good one out there.

Let’s gets this straight. We do not like SPAM. And Nobody likes to GET SPAMMED too.

As a responsible SaaS for Twitter, we urge the creative Twitter communities to keep playing their tweet-game safe & clean. As Madalyn Sklar suggests, #TwitterSmarter 😉

Let’s Preach & Practice Human to Human Interactions. Now that’s what we call meaningful usage of social networking platforms and that’s a 2-way tweet-networking hustle.

At CORE, BTweeps intelligently protects the Twitter platform from getting ABUSED over their API & resources. When you utilize the Power of BTweeps, we keep you safe from harming your own Twitter account, presence as well as the Twitter experience of other users by LIMITING across all actions, including the QUANTITY of actions you perform via BTweeps. (Read more about Our LIMITS & Compliance).

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We cannot let anyone play the number game here & play around with Twitter resources & it’s system. BTweeps is not a here to play around the number game. This is Social Media Ethics issue.

BTweeps is rather into Audience “Management” & “Targeting”, where Growth Follows up when the User acts organically upon the incoming audience activity, interactions & engage back at them, Human to human. That’s what the “Connection” is all about, and BTweeps acts as a medium to intelligently & automatically spark up awareness among targeted audiences, & then actions taken by the User at their interested audiences. ⚙️

For Unfollow feature: it’s per user based need. Some like their audience lists managed & cleaned up properly, and some like it maintain a good ratio. Organization of top. 😎

For follow-back: a diverse range of Twitter users prefer to give back by following back. It’s an etiquette to connection & network digitally, where BTweeps becomes a good medium. We recommend you to build connection with incoming audiences.

For target-follow feature: Infamous, Controversial, yet effective, and can be done in careful moderation (without spamming) to increase certain level of awareness & audience buzz 🐝 and then follows up with User action: interacting, engaging. That’s what 2-way organic growth is all about, all with just a little help from BTweeps while you are away.

To follow or unfollow, is to create or terminate a connection. It’s Twitter user’s choice to do it or not. And this choice can be made easily, safely & carefully with BTweeps. 🔥

Who doesn’t need Automation help for their social media management? Stay clean, simple, safe & effective with BTweeps.




BTweeps acts as a good reliable helping hand, as a trusted side-kick (something which doesn’t get’em banned or locked or spammed) while you are away and When you are back online, you shall engage with the interested audiences to connect with them further. ✅

Every BTweeps Action is taken with utmost care (all of which has been crafted at core) & it’s not a number game. We monitor & manage all technical hiccups behind the scenes.

We took all the risks handy while building BTweeps. All risks has been calculated with precision to protect Twitter & it’s users while still automating the management as well as targeting, all at ease, and in total peace of mind.

Overall, this is one of the many amazing aspects of “Twitter Networking” we aim to spread awareness about and educate the users. 😍

Our Approach to Twitter Marketing is Centered Around Targeting, Engaging, Learning & Growing With Your Audience. Managing & Targeting is where BTweeps comes at work. 🔨

We don’t ABUSE their system or their resources. We have built BTweeps with such CORE, perception, & guidelines at its base, and then everything else above it.

We neither CLAIM GROWTH nor get dirty on it. We are not running after NUMBERS. ⚙️ And We DO NOT CLAIM TO ADD FOLLOWERS. 🚫

Did you know we have Error Codes & API calls management at CORE? We do not remove errors. We manage & troubleshoot them manually as well as automatically. You should check out our error code glossary at our help docs. Clearly you have no idea how it’s works behind the scenes. And YES, it’s true, believe it or not, we protect Twitter users as well as the Twitter Platform.

BTweeps has been TESTED PRIVATELY FOR OVER ONE & A HALF YEAR successfully, over and over again, even before releasing it out for public usage. ⚙️

What matters is what you choose. Feel free to choose to test BTweeps.


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What is your twitter handle? Let’s connect!!

How avid of a tweeter or twitter user are you?

What is the purpose of your twitter presence?

How do you use (or like to use) your Twitter Account-Presence?

Have you tried BTweeps yet? You are always welcome! 🌈

We grow together. And it’s a constant and never ending improvement for us as well as for users. We will keep building bridges between the Power User’s Twitter Automation needs + the Twitter Platform Usage Boundaries-Rules-Guidelines. 

Questions? Email at btweeps{at}bizboost{dot}me 💌

Enjoy secure and efficient growth automation on Twitter.

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