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Frequently Asked Questions

Save time Managing your Twitter Audience. Just sign up, set up, and let the Twitter universe come right back around you. #LoveTwitter 💟

General FAQ


Is BTweeps Free?

Absolutely Free to Try. Once you sign up, you will automatically get 1000 FREE Actions in your Bucket. Go on.. the BTweeps playground is all yours. Once you’re satisfied, you can go ahead & purchase a Monthly Subscription or Top-Up a Maximum of 50,000 Actions to keep rolling smoothly, & efficiently.


Is this method real?

Yes. We’re 100% legit. Being always on the path aligned with Twitter Guidelines, so you don’t have to think about breaking any Twitter Rules & Regulations.


Do you have any Official Review of BTweeps?

Yes. Dive deep into diverse dimensions of BTweeps, Please Have a look at our latest Review 2022 from TheWebAppMarket.


How do you Target Audiences?

To Target your Ideal Twitter Audiences, We utilize your input username and the chosen “Following/Followers” list. BTweeps follows the most appropriate audiences for you. 


Will you MASS UNFOLLOW all my "Following"?

No, That action wont make sense at BTweeps. We dont do that. Your Audience won’t like it either. We will UNFOLLOW only those who didn’t had the time and attention to come back to you to engage. That Simple, that Efficient.


How can i see if BTweeps is actually working?

As soon as you CHOOSE & SWITCH to any operation, you will need to flip to the front-side of your Control Card & FLIP the Twitter Bird Icon to Successfully Activate the Ops. At this point, you can see Notification Pop-Up on the Top-Right Side & Notifications within the Bell Icon area. Your BTweeps activity will run IMMEDIATELY & the Statistics (Action Counters) above will update in real-time. You can Track Remaining Actions by Hovering above Header Image of your Control Card back-side.


How do you handle temporary errors & warnings?

We have Error Codes & API calls management at CORE. We notify you with the actual error codes. Please Navigate to our error code glossary at our help docs.


Is BTweeps even Safe?

Yes 100%! At Core we’re build on Twitter API. Hence, We’re 100% in Compliance with Twitter Guidelines. Furthermore, We use military-grade encryption technology to tighten up BTweeps Security. We’ve got you covered! Twitter forbids SPAM, SPAMMY AUTOMATION, UNNATURAL USER BEHAVIOUR, AGGRESSIVE FOLLOWING, AGGRESSIVE AUTOMATION & ILLEGITIMATE STRATEGIES TO GAIN AUDIENCE EXPOSURE. We have all limits, compliance, & rules covered at our Twitter Compliance page.


My followers are increasing dramatically. Are those followers even real?

Yes. Those are real human beings being Targeted through world-class BTweeps technology. Once BTweeps starts Targeting your ideal audiences, you will start gaining brand new audiences almost instantly, and of course naturally.


Will BTweeps get my Twitter account banned or suspended??

No. Never happened. Never will. Being 100% in Compliance with Twitter Rules & Regulations, We’ve covered that concern for you at base.


How do I unfollow accounts that have not followed me back?

Use BTweeps Unfollow feature to unfollow those who don’t follow you back. BTweeps only unfollows such audience and not mass-bulk all. efer In-Depth Guide at our Blog.



BTweeps has Built-In with Intelligent SPAM PROTECTION Protocol. We protect you, your audiences, Twitter as a Platform, & the Creative Twitter communities. We are not just yet another Twitter Audience Management Automation SaaS Tool. We’re your Twitter Growth Companion for LIFETIME! WE DO NOT SUCK UP ON TWITTER API CALLS & WE DO NOT ABUSE TWITTER RESOURCES ❌


How can i get BTweeps Support?

Please reach out to us anytime through our GET HELP page. We will get back to you within 24hrs with all the information & solutions you need.


What does your software do? Can you explain in simple terms?

BTweeps is a simplified SaaS for Twitter Audience Management. You can follow-back, unfollow, target/follow your ideal audiences, as well as Like Tweets via BTweeps automation features. 2 simplified modes/switches: automated or manual. Efficiently Utilizing Twitter API to perform ACTIONS in Symphony & Moderation without harming twitter resources, users or their health.

What sort of targeting is done?

To Target your Ideal Twitter Audiences, We utilize your input username and the chosen “Following/Followers” list. BTweeps follows the most appropriate audiences for you.

Where is your product Roadmap please?

Please Navigate to our Menu on the website >> Resources >> Roadmap

What are BTweeps Safe Modes?

When you choose Automation Mode (A), BTweeps takes care of everything, including Operations Switches, Strategic Growth Cycles for Targeting, Actions Allotment Per Operation Per Run & so on…. This way you give us the Twitter-trust to keep things in Balance & in Moderation, without getting dirty on SPAMMING or violating the platform rules. Here we We protect Twitter as well as our dear users from any EXPLICIT SPAM or Unnatural ACTIVITY leading to bad digital experiences for them and their audiences. Security first. No dirty automation play. We love Twitter.

Does your tool only do targeted following for getting attention? No automatic like or RT on keywords or hashtags?

BTweeps currently performs Targeted following & likes operations to get attention of the audience, Capture organic engagement & growth opportunities from everywhere, even while you are asleep. We do not have Retweet Automation feature yet. We have this pulled into our Roadmap to pursue. We plan to utilize Hashtags as primary source for Retweet Automation.

How can i split actions in multiple admin dashboards?

FIRST, You need PRO Plan to be able to Split Actions. And then Reach out to us over email to get it done 🙂

How do I enable slow growth so that it doesn’t do spammy actions and gets my account blocked?

We have SPAM PROTECTION feature at the CORE of BTweeps algorithm which keeps the speed of actions run in small chunks throughout a period of 24hrs performed safely and affectively without violating twitter rules. So stay assured on this part. This is one of the main reason why we built BTweeps, the safest growth hack tool for twitter users. Most importantly, when your follow or unfollow is ACTIVE on BTweeps, please do not follow or unfollow via Twitter app as this will trigger security issues from multiple locations. Also, please engage with your audience, tweet often and interact.

How do I spend those ACTIONS? Doing what?

Performing BTweeps Operations (Follow-Back, Unfollow, Follow-Target or Likes-Target).

What do you mean by your algo?

We have crafted BTweeps algorithm in cleanest ways, tested over years, integrated with Business Strategies and Growth Cycles for Twitter Accounts with Different Actions-Numbers Per Cycle. We keep it all real, in direction of clean API usage, Twitter compliance, & User’s Organic Growth.

The BTweeps Growth Cycles works at different intervals throughout the day, with actions & limits embed within.

What are the limits?

Limits = Constrained Actions of BTweeps (Follow-Back/Unfollow/Follow-Target)

This is calculated as per user, per daily runtime of automation schedule, and the previous runtime number of actions of the user. We take care of ALL the Limits (inside out) behind the wheel automatically to keep things in Symphony of Efficiency. And lastly, these Limits are set below Twitter Compliance and Rules.

Is there a way to increase actions or have a wider audience?

There is no way to increase actions per runtime or per day. Since there are Twitter limits, spam protection and algorithm that keeps it below any danger or warning. However there is a way you can reach to a wider audience. This is done by using “Target” operations. Make sure there is a quality username with audience in the target-
field. The return on follows depends on the quality of audience and their engagement behaviors. Another way is “Likes-Targeting” (keyword or #) where you can capture audiences from trends by liking their tweets.

Whats are those actions you mention in the checkout page?

Actions = the numbers. If BTweeps manages and unfollows 500 twitter accounts from your following list, then 500 actions will be deducted from your BTweeps Actions vault.

Does your platform work well with new twitter accounts without following/followers?

Yes. BTweeps works smoothly even with new accounts having low number of followers/following. For small twitter accounts, we advise the users to take it easy for a week or so before going fully into automation mode. Before that, they can smoothly manage & grow their twitter account and audience via gradual & moderated use of manual mode with few days of breaks per Operation (Follow-Back/Unfollow/Follow-Target).

“I read I have unlimited twitter accounts……how many Actions will have each account?”

1 Admin Dashboard will be able to incubate n number of twitter accounts. The BTweeps Actions will be distributed among all connected twitter accounts as per the need of the Active BTweeps operations.

I  don’t know if I toggle “target” what that actually does? How do I know if it’s actually running?

Target = Follow! This feature will run FOLLOW actions for you at the audience set by you in the “Target-Field”. Make sure to enter a quality username with quality followers to get the best results. When you will turn it on, you will see a pop-up notification. When its running, you will see action performance notifications at the Notification Bell 🔔 on the top left side of Dashboard. It will run for you over a period of 24-30hrs with allotted # of actions. The controls will be locked 🔒 for spam protection so that BTweeps can perform actions for you effectively. You can click on top image of your control card to see “Remaining Actions”. And you can click on top image of your profile card to see “Time Remaining” to unlock until you can switch to next feature.

How does this not get your account terminated?


We have IN-BUILT CORE intelligent error, monitoring, analysis & management that takes care of ALL, automagically. Tested with Over 2,50,000+ BTweeps actions performed successfully. We overstand the fact that BTweeps is built with deeply complex CORE & algorithm that’s not easy to understand and use. Keep in mind that it’s done for the SAFETY, Twitter COMPLIANCE & EASE OF GROWTH AUTOMATION for our dear BTweeps users.

Please take a moment to Read & Embrace How we Handle Technical Error Codes, Twitter Compliance & Protocol

WHY BTweeps? How is it different?

Usually normal automation apps suck on API USAGE & SPAM the hell out of the platforms and their users. This is one of the many reasons WHY we built BTweeps. We neither suck on Twitter api, their resources, nor spam accounts like bots. We built it all carefully to keep things 100% clean & compliant through & through, from start to finish. We exist to connect, protect, preserve, promote & grow the Twitter as a platform of perceptions, its creative communities, for pleasant Digital Experiences.

Our next step involve educating the Twitter audiences and our community-in-the-making, to create healthy, innovative Twitter experiences for themselves as well as for their awesome audiences 🎉

Does your app follow & unfollow with the goal to be followed back to grow an accounts following?

No. BTweeps is not a here to play around the number game. This is Social Media Ethics issue. We do not practice or preach such stuff. Plus it’s 2023, not 2010 (the era when such growth strategies used to be TOP HIT). Here Relevance counts. We do not believe in “Goals” or such Process or Growth Path (Organic or Automated). 💣

BTweeps is rather into Audience “Management” & “Targeting”, where Growth Follows up when the User acts organically upon the incoming audience activity, interactions & engage back at them, Human to human. That’s what the “Connection” is all about, and BTweeps acts as a medium to intelligently & automatically spark up awareness among targeted audiences, & then actions taken by the User at their interested audiences. ⚙️

Take the Last Bite

What is BTweeps Auto-Mode?

⚫ When you choose A (Automation Mode), BTweeps takes care of everything, including Operations Switches, Strategic Growth Cycles for Targeting, Actions Allotment Per Operation Per Run & so on…. This way you give us the Twitter-trust to keep things in Balance & in Moderation, without getting dirty on SPAMMING or violating the platform rules. Here we protect each other, as well as protecting Twitter as a platform.

⚫ When BTweeps automation mode is ACTIVE for you, All the Ops including “Follow-Back” your followers, “Target-Follow” new audience & “Unfollow” those who don’t follow you back, will happen automatically in complete symphony with intelligence growth cycles.

⚫ You should just change the target-field around 25-30 days for fresh & better results if previous target username is not working well. Always verify & Choose the one with large & quality audience.

⚫ Learn more How to Find, Filter & Target your Twitter Audience at Our Blog.

How do I target an audience to follow in specific niche?

⚫ Find a Quality Twitter audience with Quality Followers list or following list. Once you find your right audience, you just need to enter the username of the Twitter account in the “Target-Field” of your BTweeps Profile-Control Card, choose “Followers/Following” from drop down option >> click wheel icon to flip the control card to profile card and then click your profile pic on the profile card to activate the Ops. Make sure to find the quality audience. And make sure to check the dashboard in 24-30hrs to repeat or switch to next operation accordingly. ✅ BTweeps is rather into Audience “Management” & “Targeting”, where Growth Follows up when the User acts organically upon the incoming audience activity, interactions & engage back at them, Human to human. That’s what Meaningful “Connection” is all about, and BTweeps acts as a medium to automatically spark up awareness among targeted audiences. ⚙️ Refer In-Depth Guide at Our Blog.

How can i use Likes-Targeting with BTweeps?

⚫ Likes Targeting is to Target tweets in #s and keywords you enter. It’s strategic method to bring organic buzz and attention.

⚫ Likes Targeting is OUR BEST & EXCLUSIVELY LAUNCHED on 2-2-2022, with abundance of audience tweeting about within trending hashtags and specific words or keyword, you can target those tweets via BTweeps likes.

How-To Steps:
📲 Login via http://app.btweeps.com
👁 Navigate to your Profile Card. Make sure your BTweeps is ACTIVE (Profile card must display your twitter picture). If you see a bird, Click it to Activate the Card.
⚙️ Click on “Wheel” icon to see Control Card
⛓ Choose Manual Or Auto Mode (Use manual for short-term Targeting & manual activation of likes as per need)
🎯 In Auto-mode, it’s mandatory to add a Targeted Username in Target-Field to let BTweeps target it’s audiences.
♥️ Navigate to Like-Field. Input any trending (relevant) # or keyword to Start Targeting Tweets automatically and gain Organic Audience Buzz 🐝
🎉 You will see success notification right afterward. Voila! 🥂

Essential Warning ⛔️
⚠️ Choose & Click Desired operation only 1 time. It will lock 🔐 & then Unlock only after the assigned actions are done ✅
⚠️ Use in Manual Mode to Test
⚠️ Use in Automated Mode to Get Full Power Ups
⚠️ Change # & Keywords within 3-4 days as per the Trends & Topics to keep Targeting fresh Audience
⚠️ TURN OFF Like-Field by simply adding #BTweeps or BTweeps

⚫ Once one Likes Target # or keyword is set, and once the Like toggle is green, the controls will lock and you will then have to wait until it’s done for you.

⚫ If the likes target is changed before the completion of active actions, it will go into pause or break mode resulting into extended time in execution.

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