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"The people behind BTweeps are young, energetic and passionate. "

Zoltan Szabo, Co-owner and Managing Partner at Media Rings, a Creative Communications Agency based out of Toronto Canada.

"Brilliant product, as a business owner i would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking forward to amp up their twitter game."

Asad Shirazi, Digital Media Analyst

"THE SAFEST EVER 100% COMPLIANT Automation Twitter Tool." Like this. A bit rare today for Twitter apps. 🙂

Mohamed Jean, London (UK)


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Hakofmedia - BTweeps Partner
Hakofmedia - BTweeps Partner
Hakofmedia - BTweeps Partner
Hakofmedia - BTweeps Partner
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Is BTweeps Free?

Absolutely Free to Try. Once you sign up, you will automatically get 1000 FREE Actions in your Bucket. Go on.. the BTweeps playground is all yours. Once you’re satisfied, you can go ahead & purchase upto 50,000 Actions to keep rolling smoothly, & efficiently.


Is this method real?

Yes. We’re 100% legit. Being always on the path aligned with Twitter Guidelines, so you don’t have to think about breaking any Twitter Rules & Regulations.


How do you Target Audiences?

To Target your Ideal Twitter Audiences, We utilize your input username and the chosen “Following/Followers” list. BTweeps follows the most appropriate audiences for you. Once these audiences are targeted, they come back to visit your profile, follow-back, & engage with you as a gesture of Twitter Kindness.


Will you MASS UNFOLLOW all my "Following"?

No, That action wont make sense at BTweeps. We dont do that. Your Audience won’t like it either. We will UNFOLLOW only those who didn’t had the time and attention to come back to you to engage. That Simple, that Efficient.


Is BTweeps even Safe?

Don’t doubt on us! At Core we’re build on Twitter API. Hence, We’re 100% in Compliance with Twitter Guidelines. Furthermore, We use military-grade encryption technology to tighten up BTweeps Security. We’ve got you covered!


My followers are increasing dramatically. Are those followers even real?

Yes. Those are real human beings being Targeted through world-class BTweeps technology. Once BTweeps starts Targeting your ideal audiences, you will start gaining brand new audiences almost instantly, and of course naturally.


Will BTweeps get my Twitter account banned or suspended??

No. Never happened. Never will. Being 100% in Compliance with Twitter Rules & Regulations, We’ve covered that concern for you at base.


How can i get BTweeps Support?

Please reach out to us anytime through our GET HELP page. We will get back to you within 24hrs with all the information & solutions you need.

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