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BTweeps is more than software — we’re a partner in helping you succeed on Twitter.

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BTweeps 3.0 is NOW LIVE!

Building on the success of our latest major updates, we now bring further enhancements, based on community feedback. Check out the changelog on our blog. Follow us on Twitter to Get Regular Updates & #ReleaseNotes on NEW FEATURES, IMPROVEMENTS, BUG FIXES.

What’s Happening!

Recreating BTweeps data fetch system

To solve AVAILABLE Data Quantity for Actions in Unfollow & All Operations. This is coming from Our Legacy Data fetch system which was created in initial days while we built our filter system. This will ensure no clashes in performing Action with abundance of data ready to roll. Simply means BTweeps on Steroids.

LAST UPDATED: 15 March 2023 0657pm IST

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b2b Colab with TechCult

15 March 2023

Complete Transformation of BTweeps.com

14 March 2023

Cyber Attack Mitigation

We experienced a MAJOR Outage. The attackers were hungry for R.A.M. This Outage continued for 1Hr 11mins & Successfully Resolved on 12 March 2023 0835pm IST.

b2b Colab with DealFuel

9 March 2023





  • DEPLOYED: AUDIENCE FILTER: Don’t Follow Accounts with no Bio
  • PROTOTYPE READY: Schedule POWER TWEETS with BTweeps.
  • DEPLOYED: Multiple Hashtags & Keywords for Likes Targeting.
  • UNFOLLOW Filter (ALL or FOLLOWED via BTweeps)
  • AUDIENCE FILTER: Don’t Follow Accounts with less than 300 Followers.
  • POWER LIKES Dashboard for Power Tweeple with Premium Resources & Dedicated Infrastructure per User.
  • BTweeps Analytics – View & Track Insights – See followers growth from BTweeps, Daily Actions Performed, How Many Followed Back (30 Days), TOTAL New followers (30 Days) & more | Growth Transparency Report




  • Retweet Targeting.
  • Multiple Twitter handles for Follow Targeting.
  • Set only few features on automation, instead of all.
  • CUSTOM Audience Filters – BTweeps will filter Audience Lists intelligently with Relevance, BIO, & Quality Factors.
  • WALL OF FAME – EXCLUSIVE Web & Social features for TOP BTweeps Users.
  • RISE of BTweeps Inspector (Intelligent Monitoring & Notifications) to Admins & Users.
  • Email Notifications to Users about Critical Errors & Warnings.
  • Followers-Audience Suggestion – Who to Target – BTweeps Intelligence will recommend users about appropriate set of audiences to add in Target-field.
  • BTweeps User Activity Log – Organization & Optimization – INTERNAL.
  • BTweeps Intelligent Target Efficiency v2.0 – DETECT & SUGGEST @Username – BTweeps will analyze CURRENT TARGET & No. of Actions Performed including No. of Followers converted – If less follow-back happens, BTweeps will suggest user to change Target-field with a better competitor username.
  • BTweeps Inspector Takes Over All CRITICAL & DAILY OPS – Monitor, Manage & Notify – AI.
  • BTweeps Activity-Time Plans.
  • BTweeps for Instagram.

Dev Log

1 March 2023 0339am IST

⚫ Fixed Unfollow errors due to database crunch & clutter. The Unfollow Bug that held Actions from Performing anything, which also threw a deceptive notification to users “Target is invalid”. Internally investigation revealed new changes in twitter api structure (without any official notification) which caused this chaos at BTweeps functionality.

13 February 2023 0953pm IST

⚫ Twitter Enterprise API requested

12 February 2023

⚫ Thread Tweet Errors in Prototype
⚫ Backend and Database Functionality with Threads

29 January 2023 1149pm
⚫ BTweeps Data Management: old – new – old rotation | For UNFOLLOW, TARGET, Follow-Back & Likes

20 January 2023 1209pm
⚫ Prototype; Thread System Improvements

13 January 2023 1227am IST
⚫ Prototype; BTweeps first thread tweet

7 January 2023 1052pm IST
⚫ Troubleshooting Prototype: Scheduled Tweet Display UI
⚫ Prototype; Schedule tweet UI

4 January 2023 0810am
⚫ Prototype: Video upload done

25 December 2022 1152pm
⚫ Prototype: Video upload core part done

21 December 2022 1206am
⚫ Prototype: Video upload under construction

18 December 2022 0902am
⚫ Prototype; image upload enchantments

12 December 2022 1212am
⚫ Prototype: Multiple validation and small details updated on post feature

30 October 2022 0144pm
⚫ Prototype: Tweet Feature

18 October 2022 0657pm
⚫ Full-time hustle instead of side-hustle

3 October 2022 1108am
⚫ Deep dive into (1) algo (2) data clutter, to Troubleshoot issues in following automatically via BTweeps

(a) Our old algo
(b) existing data clutter
(c) twitter restrictions

23 NOVEMBER 2022
⚫ END OF THE AppSumo Collaboration // Apr 23, 2021 – Nov 23, 2022

4 NOVEMBER 2022 0814pm IST
⚫ Prototype Improvements: Tweet UI
⚫ Improvements in Likes-Targeting Algorithm to Improve Efficiency of Assigned Actions & Effective Performance of the Operation for All Users. Reduced Delays in Likes. Increased Number of Likes Per 30mins.

26 September 2022 1028pm
⚫ Follow-Limit Error & Refreshing API

21 September 2022 1124am IST
⚫ Prototype: Tweet Scheduling UI

15 September 2022 1108pm
⚫ Post/Tweet UI

8 September 2022 1208am IST
⚫ Beginning Development of Tweet Scheduling / Posting | NEW FEATURE

2 September 2022 1242qm
⚫ Critical Login Errors Resolved

25 August 2022 1211am
⚫ Testing post schedule prototype

12 August 2022 1221am
⚫ Timeout Trap created to resolve “infinity stuck loop” from accounts automatically nomatter what reason was behind it.

10 August 2022 0754am
⚫ Bugs: Stuck in loop
-Break time
-Execution time
-Notification time

6 August 2022 1024pm
⚫ Prototype: Enhancing Tweet Functionality with Emojis, special characters & media upload

1 August 2022 0454pm
⚫ Prototype & Testing Tweet Functionality

August 2022
Roadmap Re-Priotization:
⚫ In-Dash Notification to Buy Action for User Buckets below 1000
⚫ Likes Efficiency: Enough Data + Max Execution + Twitter Error (no response)
⚫ Tweets
⚫ Quote-Tweets
⚫ Thread-Tweets
⚫ Power Like
⚫ Retweet
⚫ Auto-DM
⚫ Log Management
⚫ Dedicated Settings Dash page

31 July 2022 1228pm
⚫ Post schedule back end almost ready

21 JULY 2022 0742pm IST
⚫ Database & Functionality Hiccups in Executing Like Targeting

20 July 2022 1140pm
⚫ Brainstorming New Ideas to Improvement BTweeps infrastructure inside out head to toe.

1 July 2022 1132pm IST
Improved: SPAM PROTECTION “Break time” now reduced to minimum to allow users perform more actions automatically in less time with least breaks in between operations in queue.
Improved: SPAM PROTECTION: Break removed from ”Reset”. Now Users can “Reset” & Re-Setup BTweeps Ops to Start Actions immediately, safely, No matter whatever previous conditions were.
FIXED: Ensure Data functionality for Accurate Notifications Delivery to the Users
FIXED: Exceptional errors from notification system
FIXED: Timer ⏱ in Auto mode and one bug squished
FIXED: Timer Visibility & Accuracy
Multi Keywords in Likes Targeting: UPTO 2
Optimization of Timer ⏱ in iOS devices
Timer: Enhanced for Errors & Conditions
Advanced Audience Filters: Automatically Avoid following or targeting fake/bot/NSFW accounts, account with no bio, no picture & bad quality accounts with older than 500 followers
Improved Harmony of Ops: (1)notifications + (2)timer + (3)execution of actions
Security Fix: Exposure to Twitter oath keys in Login Fatal Error

27 June 2022 0228pm
⚫ Reset algo “Break” removal. So that user can “Reset” & resetup ops & start actions immediately, No matter whatever previous conditions were. To make BTweeps ready to execute actions.
⚫ Break/Pause “Timings” decreased under Automation Risk-factor, without overtime waiting for users

23 June 2022 1201am
⚫ Retesting & improving Ensure Data
⚫ Symphony of Efficiency & Effectiveness in (1)notifications + (2)timer + (3)execution of actions
⚫ iOS bug

20 June 2022 1228pm
⚫ Target list Db structure changed
⚫ Added description

20 June 2022 1203am
Audience Filters:
⚫ skip all NO BIO
⚫ skip all profile with no picture
⚫ nsfw keyword filters
⚫ follow minimum 500 followers

17 June 2022 0710pm
⚫ Improvements in Likes-Targeting & Multiple Keywords

16 June 2022 0805pm
⚫ Built New Production system for Better Real-Time Testing

15 June 2022 0639pm
⚫ Improvements in Notifications

14 June 2022
⚫ Squished Critical Bugs https://btweeps.com/squishing-critical-bugs-in-june-2022/

14 June 2022 0940pm
⚫ Improvements; Multi keywords in Likes Targeting

10 June 2022 1136pm
⚫ Auto mode: improvements in time update and a bug squished

8 June 2022 0643pm IST
⚫ FIXED ERROR: BTweeps Notification Delay

6 June 2022 1221am
⚫ Resolved a dirty legacy algo Bug that held actions for our dear Users. This caused serious Errors in Unbreak System due to the Clash with New Notifications system. Stuck Ops for All Users & Accounts pushed forward successfully & safely.

5 June 2022 1203am
⚫ Removal of a Legacy “Break/Pause” safety Condition & Improvements in Onboarding for New Users so that they can Start BTweeps immediately.
⚫ If a user reset account controls then the account break mode will be activated for spam protection until next 24hrs. This Enhancement in spam protection algorithm ensures “No abuse of automation or api”.

4 June 2022 0104am
⚫ Deployed New Notification & Instant Runtime Activity Logs to display at Notification Bell on Top Left of the Dashboard. Now you can see What’s Happening at BTweeps for you Behind the Scenes 🙂

31 May 2022 1148pm
⚫ Troubleshooted Instant Activation Notifications on Mobile devices + desktop
⚫ Timer on Control Card to Display how much Time leftover until Next Change in Operation
⚫ “Delete My BTweeps” on Settings Page for those who wish to discontinue using our service.
⚫ CURRENT Likes Efficiency – 24-40hrs completion time

29 May 2022 0703pm
⚫ Resolved a Bug in “Ensure Data” module

24 May 2022 1133pm
Resolved more issues in Timer
⚫ Unbreak controls
⚫ Control change
⚫ Conditional Logics & Usage analysis of User Turns of the Controls. In such case we have added a 24hr pause cycle & no timer will be visible in this duration.

22 May 2022 0216am
⚫ Improvements in Timer placement & functionality to show most hours:mins:sec commitment before user can change the controls

20 May 2022 1007pm IST
⚫ Critical Internal Updates & Improvements to make BTweeps better for the Creative Global Twitter Communities. We are passionate to develop new simplified features to provide you a pleasant Twitter experience. Please drop your comments below to Share your Feedback or Request a New Feature. Thank you for choosing BTweeps.
⚫ Troubleshoot Instant Activation Notifications on Mobile devices.
⚫ Timer on Control Card to Display how much Time leftover until Next Change in Operation.
⚫ “Delete My BTweeps” on Settings Page for those who wish to discontinue using our service.

19 May 2022
⚫ Released Demo Videos

14 May 2022
⚫ RESOLVED: Error in Likes Targeting due to No Response from Twitter API

Rahul Garg - Chief Product Officer - BIZBoost Inc

BTweeps goes & grows beyond just a Simplified SaaS product for Twitter ⚙️ BTweeps is your Twitter Growth companion for LIFETIME. Experience Personalized Twitter Growth Management Companionship ♥️ With Intelligent SPAM PROTECTION at CORE, We Protect You, Your Audiences & the Creative Twitter Community from getting dirty on Automation. NO MORE SPAMMING!!!! Presenting The Only Safest Twitter Automation Solution. #LoveTwitter ️💟 #LoveBTweeps ⚙️

Rahul Garg, Co-Founder & CTO

Twitter @BTweeps_ - Icon 2




BTweeps 1.0 (Smart Algo)
JUNE 2016 to AUG 2020



BTweeps 2.0 (Enhancements)
SEPT to DEC 2020



BTweeps 3.0 (AI and Future)
Jan 2021 to ♾️



UX/UI Design


Algo & Growth Strategy


Rapid Prototyping


Usability Testing


Information Architecture

April 2022

DealMirror Partnership
PitchGround Partnership

Feb 2022

Tweet like feature – Target & Engage Tweets, Trends & Hashtags to gain & embrace Growth Infinity via BTweeps

Jan 2022

TheWebAppMarket – TOP Trending Products 2022

Embrace the Past

April 2021

AppSumo Partnership

Dec 2020

Audience Filters

NOV 2020

CONTROL CARD & CORE Algorithm Enhancements

AUG 2020


BTweeps Protocol Enhancement – Minimum Followers Rule before Sign up

Yearly Deal Campaign (Subscriptions)

JULY 2020

LTD Giveaway Campaign

BTweeps Intelligent Target Efficiency v1.0

INSTANT Single FIRST Run of Ops by BTweeps

Publicising BTweeps Roadmap 2020-2021

MAY 2020

Action Algo Enhancement >> PREVIOUSLY Control Change was possible only by User Algo/Action/Input

Data Shredder & Data Efficiency 

Intelligent “No Activity” Detector Per User

March 2020

Rewards Program for Users

Partner Program

Affiliate Program

LTD 2020 Campaign

28 FEB 2020

Plans & Subscription LAUNCH

4 DEC 2019


CRITICAL SECURITY & QUALITY: BTweeps Intelligent User SPAM PROTECTION feature & Twitter Limits Enhancement

27 MAY 2019

HUGE iOS Bugs Resolved – Bugs that had our sleep at stake. THIS WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH. We found THE iOS BUG 🐛 and Squished it once, for all 😍 We went public right after this milestone.

21 JAN 2019

BETA Launch



08 SEPT 2016

DEVELOPMENT Started as a Side Hustle Project – UNTIL INFINITY

1 AUG 2016

FIRST Brainstorming Meeting

3 JUNE 2016


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