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Are you Tired of manually Targeting and Following Twitter accounts to Build your Brand & Community?

Then, BTweeps is your Safest solution. Welcome to The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Audience Targeting with BTweeps

Our Approach to Twitter Marketing is Centered Around Targeting, Engaging, Learning & Growing With Your Audience.

In this Brief BTweeps Guide, you can quickly learn How To Find, Filter, and Target your Twitter Audience with BTweeps.

BTweeps Audience Targeting is a feature for your Twitter account that allows you to Follow & Leverage the Audiences of your Competitors or Similar Accounts & Scale your Twitter Campaigns.

You can also Leverage Advanced BTweeps Audience Filters to Discover and Skip the Irrelevant Audience or even BOTS, Narrow down and Manage the Targets in the list even before following them. All of these steps in the Process are handled with INTENSIVE CARE by BTweeps, WITHOUT SPAMMING or ABUSING Power of Automation, and WITHOUT Harming the Creative Twitter Community.

Significant Questions Covered in this BTweeps Guide:

✅ How to Find and Grow a Targeted Twitter Following?
✅ How Do I Target my followers?
✅ How Do I Target Audiences On Twitter?

Target an Audience means that you are creating your Campaign to Build your Twitter Community to serve your Brand’s message to a specific audience and connect with them meaningfully.

Find a Quality Twitter audience with a Quality Followers list or following list in a specific business genre or niche.

Once you find your right audience, you just need to enter the username of the Twitter account in the “Target-Field” of your BTweeps Profile-Control Card. Next, choose “Followers/Following” from the drop-down option, and Activate your BTweeps Ops.

5 Simple Strategies to Effectively Find Your Ideal AudiencE

KNOW your Audience, Identify & Execute.


How to Find and Target Audience on Twitter with BTweeps - Audience Engagement

Use Specific Hashtags or Keywords to Search for Relevant Accounts with Quality Audiences. Example: #MarketingTwitter #WritersLift #MondayMotivation

✅ Look into Twitter Trends & Pick your Ideal Influencer with Quality Followers. Simply find one that’s already out there. But Don’t Go for HUGE numbers.

✅ Check your Twitter Notifications to find out that Ideal leader or Favorite Twitter account following you already. Choose their Audience as Targets to Build your own.

✅ Analyze Followers & Following List of Other Twitter Accounts. You may find an Abundance of Quality Twitter Accounts with a Quality Audience worth Targeting for many months.

Discover Quality Twitter lists of your Fellow Twitter Community & Quickly Choose your Ideal Targets from there.

Utilize the Power Of BTweeps in Simple Baby Steps. It’s a Symphony of Efficiency & Growth Operations in Harmony!

Follow the steps mentioned below to discover the BTweeps Target feature.

Step One

Log in to you BTweeps free account.

If you are new to BTweeps – simply go to https://app.btweeps.com and click on the “Sign in with Twitter” button. To use our Twitter application, you need to Signup/Login from your Twitter account. Only BTweeps Admin can log in on the dashboard to manage other connected Twitter accounts.

Step Two

Choose your Desired Twitter Profile Card, Click on the Wheel icon and Switch to BTweeps Control Card.

Step Three

Add a “Username” without “@” in the “Target-Field.” Choose List “Following or Followers” from the Toggle Drop Down option. Please add a quality user profile with a quality audience for Efficiency of Targeting & Results.

To UTILIZE “TARGET” operation, The Target-Field in the Control Card must be complete to allow BTweeps to do the automated targeting for you.

BEFORE adding the TARGETED AUDIENCE LIST in the TARGET-FIELD at BTweeps Dashboard, Here are some Gentle Reminders:

✅ Your internal research matters, too, along with proficient knowledge about Twitter accounts & audience behaviors.
✅ Following Illegitimate Users or BOTS may only happen if the Targeted Audience list has Illegitimate Users Or BOTS.
✅ User “Audience Filters” to eliminate illegitimate accounts & BOTS from the targeted audiences assigned at BTweeps to Target for/by you.

Step Four

CHECK MODE Of Operations – Default: MANUAL (Marked with Letter “M”)

Warning: If you are New to BTweeps, YOU MUST Start with MANUAL mode for NEXT 15-20 days to keep things smooth, safe & let Twitter get familiar with your balanced ORGANIC <> AUTOMATED activity. DO NOT follow/unfollow manually via Twitter while BTweeps is active.


How to Utilize & Leverage the Power of BTweeps Automated mode

How to Find and Target Audience on Twitter with BTweeps - Automated Mode

✅ Know what you are doing.
✅ Make sure your “Control Card” is complete with the TARGET-FIELD.
✅ CHANGE the TARGET-FIELD username (competitor or account with a similar audience) every 20-25 days to KEEP AUDIENCE FRESH, always.

When you choose Automated Mode, BTweeps will run Growth-Cycles for you automatically, managing your Twitter account, targeting & growing smoothly.

BTweeps takes care of everything, including Operations Switches (FOLLOW-Target/Unfollow/Follow-Back), Strategic Growth Cycles for Targeting, including but not limited to Allotment of Actions Per Operation Per Run. This way, you give BTweeps the Twitter trust to keep things in Balance & in Moderation without getting dirty on SPAMMING or violating the platform rules. Here we protect each other, as well as Twitter as a platform. You set it & forget it. (But make sure to MONITOR the notification bell on the dashboard)

BTweeps Automated Mode feature is Marked with Letter “A” on your BTweeps Profile-Control Card. Once you click on Letter “M” (MANUAL), You will see the letter “A,” which means you have just switched to Automated Mode.

Step Five

(IN MANUAL MODE ONLY) Click the toggle switch labeled “TARGET” to Get Started.

Warning: Once ANY OPERATION is switched, the CONTROL CARD gets LOCKED & can be editable only when the ACTIONS allotted for the particular operation have been performed entirely. You can look at the number of REMAINING ACTIONS of the ACTIVE Process by hovering your cursor on the card top image.

THIS LOCK is the Automated SPAM & Resource Protector for the Users, Twitter, & for BTweeps

If you’re on Manual Mode, Please Wait until ONE operation is over in 24-35hrs. The CONTROL CARD will be editable afterward, and you will receive notifications on the top left bell icon.

IN CASE OF A MISTAKE: Go to Settings Page from the Sidebar. Click RESET on the Profile Card & RESTART All Steps. ONLY 3 RESETS per month are allowed Per Twitter Account.

Step Six

Flip the Wheel icon on the BTweeps Control Card & Switch back to BTweeps Profile Card.

Step SiX

FINAL STEP 🚀 Click on the Twitter bird avatar & Activate BTweeps Ops.


You can see INSTANT Notifications for all the steps on the TOP RIGHT side of your BTweeps Dashboard.

STEP Eight

FILTER your Audience: Simply click the “Filter Audience” on BTweeps Profile Card & Navigate to the audience that you wish NOT-TO-TARGET from your Audience list.

IN MANUAL MODE ✅ ONCE 1 Operation is complete, you will get the chance to CHANGE the Operations (UNFOLLOW, FOLLOW-BACK, FOLLOW-TARGET) & Modes of Operations ( MANUAL or Automation )

IN AUTOMATED MODE ✅ ONCE 1 Growth Cycle is complete, you will get the chance to TWEAK the Operations (UNFOLLOW, FOLLOW-BACK, FOLLOW-TARGET) & Modes of Operations ( MANUAL or Automation )


The BTweeps Notification Bell is one area where you can examine what’s happening & know what the next step is. So constantly monitor that area whenever you log in to your BTweeps Dashboard.

Back to THE BASICS. Ask yourself

•Have you set the correct TARGET USERNAME in the TARGET-FIELD??
•Have you analyzed its Followers list or Following List (whichever you desire to Target via BTweeps) to determine the QUALITY & relevance of the Audience in target??
•Are you sure that the TARGETED AUDIENCE is lean enough to engage with you & follow you back??
•Is the TARGETED audience balanced with QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE approaches?
•Is the Targeted audience legitimate or illegitimate// relevant or irrelevant?
•Do we have enough audience (2000-10000) in the lists?

Twitter Targeting & Engagement Hack

•Use audience targeting to connect & serve your Brand’s message to your ideal audience.
•Serve Personalized Content based on Interactions, Engagements, Conversations, & Interests.
•Specific goals require that extra unique touch. The Connection with the other Twitter users goes 2-way, and BTweeps acts as a bright & safest medium to “Connect” automagically. You need to be free to reach the right audience at the right time. ENGAGE with your audience, Tweet often, like, and retweet the awesome Tweeple 🙌 #LoveTwitter ️💟 #LoveBTweeps ⚙️
•Acquire. Enrich. Optimize.

Give back to your Twitter community & tenfold will come right back at you. 🙂



Is this method real?

Yes. We’re 100% legit. Being always on the path aligned with Twitter Guidelines, so you don’t have to think about breaking any Twitter Rules & Regulations.


How do you Target Audiences?

To Target your Ideal Twitter Audiences, We utilize your input username and the chosen “Following/Followers” list. BTweeps follows the most appropriate audiences for you. Once these audiences are targeted, they come back to visit your profile, follow-back, & engage with you as a gesture of Twitter Kindness.


Will you MASS UNFOLLOW all my "Following"?

No, That action wont make sense at BTweeps. We dont do that. Your Audience won’t like it either. We will UNFOLLOW only those who didn’t had the time and attention to come back to you to engage. That Simple, that Efficient.


Is BTweeps even Safe?

Don’t doubt on us! At Core we’re build on Twitter API. Hence, We’re 100% in Compliance with Twitter Guidelines. Furthermore, We use military-grade encryption technology to tighten up BTweeps Security. We’ve got you covered!


My followers are increasing dramatically. Are those followers even real?

Yes. Those are real human beings being Targeted through world-class BTweeps technology. Once BTweeps starts Targeting your ideal audiences, you will start gaining brand new audiences almost instantly, and of course naturally.


Will BTweeps get my Twitter account banned or suspended??

No. Never happened. Never will. Being 100% in Compliance with Twitter Rules & Regulations, We’ve covered that concern for you at base.

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