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Itโ€™s time for official announcement and our first blog.

Calling all Social Media Strategists, Agencies, Managers, Early-Birds, Marketers and SaaS lovers.

We are delighted to release BTweeps in BETA for a global audience. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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BTweeps is a robust SaaS tool with a simplified collection of features, wrapped in a slick dashboard that secures your Twitter Growth Management. Connect, Manage and Grow all your Twitter accounts simultaneously.

Founded on 3 June 2016
Original BETA Release: 21 Jan 2019

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Why we built BTweeps

It came out as our own need in 2016 that turned into a side-hustle project and then we built it into a SaaS for the world.

Our CORE Approach to Twitter Marketing is Centered Around Targeting, Engaging, Learning & Growing With Your Audience

Targeting and Audience Management is where BTweeps jumps into Power play of Automation. Thatโ€™s step #1. But donโ€™t stop just there. Lean on to your Audience,

Engage & Always GIVE back tenfold. That’s how we grow!


SIGN UP & GET your own BTweeps Dashboard with 3,000 FREE actions per month, FREE FOREVER!!

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Your feedback is valuable for us.

PERKS: GET ADDITIONAL 1,000 FREE BTweeps ACTIONS as our Gratitude for sharing your feedback with us.

Built on Purpose

With Simplicity & Efficiency at CORE, BTweeps does all the Twitter Growth Operations for you while you are having a good time off. BTweeps Automation Growth cycles are built to smoothly Manage and Target your Twitter growth like it was never imagined.

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For any Personalized Assistance, you can always slide into Help Center

For Media Promotions, please refer to BTweeps Media Kit

Influencers and Evangelists, Letโ€™s colab!!
EMAIL us: btweeps[at]bizboost[.]me
Tweet us @BTweeps_
IG & FB @BTweeps

Enjoy secure and efficient growth on Twitter. Happy BTweeps!!!

Creators: Mohd Imran & Rahul Garg
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