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Simplified Twitter AudIENCE
TARGETING & Management


 Let’s get you started quickly!


BTweeps can work for you in Manual Mode or Automated Mode

Manual Ops: You will have the convenient control and balance over which operation you wish to switch next to (Follow-Back/Target/Unfollow) after previous operation + break time finishes. Not Recommended for New Users. Only for Power Users. If you get stuck somewhere, you can Get Help via Support Documentation or LIVE chat with us.

Automated Ops: We will handle the Operation switches with precision and power of BTweeps Algorithm and Growth Cycles. Set & Forget!! Recommended!!



This is your Profile Card and Here you can Track your BTweeps growth Ops stats once your account is Activated.


Watch It In Action

Baby Steps

Utilize the Power Of BTweeps in Simple Steps

It’s Symphony of Efficiency & Growth Operations in Harmony!



Switch to BTweeps Control Card

Step 2

Set Targets

Double-click and Enter your Targeted Username here (without @ Sign). Make sure it has Quality Audience of Efficiency of Growth of your Twitter presence

This BTweeps feature will Target your ideal audience and grow your Twitter Account 360*

If you wish NOT-TO Target any Audience and wish to only use Follow-Back & Unfollow to Manage your Existing Audience then you can skip this step.



Choose your Followers or Following List (Default: Followers)

Step 4

M/A Operations

Switch to Manual Ops or Automated Ops. (Default: MANUAL)



If you chose Manual Ops, Choose 1 of the Operation (Unfollow Or Follow-Back Or Target) to Get Started

Step 6

Flip the Wheel

Click on the Control Card Wheel & Switch to BTweeps Profile Card



FINAL STEP 🚀 Click on the Twitter bird avatar & Activate BTweeps Ops

If you chose Manual Ops, Make sure to check Dashboard Notification bell to know what’s next and then choose your desired Growth Operation (Follow-Back/Target/Unfollow) as per your need.

For Everyone

Built For Freelancers, Agencies, & Personal Use

All that you need to Power up your Twitter Presence & Audience Growth, in Total Peace of Mind.

BTweeps Dashboard Essentials

Watchout for these Areas to Make the Most of BTweeps

Profile & Control Switch



Buy Actions

LOCKED Controls




Notification Area

Support Area

Leap of Faith


Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Manage & Grow this Thing Together!

Simplified Twitter Growth Management.

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