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We exist to Serve our Being & Being of Service to the Creative Twitter Community.


SaaS for Simplified Twitter Audience Management


Infamous, Controversial, yet effective, and can be done in careful moderation (without spamming) to increase ORGANIC awareness & audience buzz 🐝


It’s per user based need. Some like their audience lists managed & cleaned up properly, and some like it maintain a good ratio. Organization of TOP. 😎


A diverse range of Twitter users prefer to give back by following back. It’s an etiquette to connect & network digitally, where BTweeps becomes a good medium. We recommend you to build connection with incoming audiences.

Safe Modes

When you choose A, BTweeps takes care of everything, including Operations Switches, Strategic Growth Cycles for Targeting, Actions Allotment Per Operation Per Run & so on…. This way you give us the Twitter-trust to keep things in Balance & in Moderation, without getting dirty on SPAMMING or violating the platform rules. Here we protect each other, as well as Twitter as a platform.


Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool


BTweeps acts as a good reliable helping hand, as a trusted side-kick (something which doesn’t get’em banned or locked or spammed) while you are away and When you are back online, you shall engage with the interested audiences to connect with them further. ✅

Every BTweeps Action is taken with utmost care (all of which has been crafted at core) & it’s not a number game. We monitor & manage all technical hiccups behind the scenes.

We took all the risks handy while building BTweeps. All risks has been calculated with precision to protect Twitter & it’s users while still automating the management as well as targeting, all at ease, and in total peace of mind.

Overall, this is one of the many amazing aspects of “Twitter Networking” we aim to spread awareness about and educate the users. 😍

Our Approach to Twitter Marketing is Centered Around Targeting, Engaging, Learning & Growing With Your Audience. Managing & Targeting is where BTweeps comes at work. 🔨

ABUNDANCE of Awesomeness

What You Get

Clean, Simple, Safe & Effective

24/7 Uptime

Save Time & Efforts

Personalized Support

LIFETIME Growth Companionship

Admin Role

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

Automation Mode

Manual Mode





Super Performance





Organic Audience Buzz

Intelligent Growth Cycles

Efficient Growth Automation

Activity Notifications

IN-BUILT Intelligent Error Handling

"Brilliant product, as a business owner i would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking forward to amp up their twitter game."

Asad Shirazi, Digital Media Analyst

"THE SAFEST EVER 100% COMPLIANT Automation Twitter Tool." Like this. A bit rare today for Twitter apps. 🙂

Mohamed Jean, London (UK)

@LostPawUSA - BTweeps Review

“Lost Paw USA, NFC technology company”

Thanks for the lifetime deal.

“I gained 330 followers within 7 days”

Consistency & quality is number 1 priority.
You should take care of your audience! 🔑

To do so, you’ll need to target your loyal and straight minded audience.
Want to know how?
DM me 🧠

I told you something big was coming.
Thanks for the lifetime deal 🔥

“Thank you guys.”

Always happy to learn good practices and develop my Twitter skills.

“Awesome, thank you so much!”

Looking forward to spreading the word about BTweeps and can wait to learn all about your app!

Zoltan Szabo @MediaRings - Review - 14 May 2020

“The people behind BTweeps are young, energetic and passionate.”

Zoltan Szabo, Co-owner and Managing Partner at Media Rings a Creative Communications Agency based out of Toronto Canada.

Fully Responsive

Build For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

Twitter Audience Management Made Easy, Automagically!! Take BTweeps with you on-the-go. Monitor your BTweeps activity with just a simple one-click Login via Twitter. Connect, Manage & Grow ALL Your Twitter Accounts at One Place, However you Prefer, but On Our Watch 😉 Crafted & Tested with Precision. BTweeps is all you need for a better Twitter Experience.

“The Natural Laws of Twitter suggests that you shall be a Peaceful bird with a Global Perspective.”


Choose A Plan That Works For You

Thank you for being an early adopter! We know this is important, which is why these discounted upgrades will always be available here for you.


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Simplified Twitter Growth Management.

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