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Squishing Critical Bugs in June 2022

by Mohd Imran

Part of our BIGGEST responsibilities at #BTweeps is to (1) Keep a Track of filthy & troublesome Bugs in our algorithm and (2) squish them down on top priority.


With new upgrades comes new bugs!


On 6 June 2022 1136pm IST, we found out a (1) CRITICAL BUG left out loose & wild during our Latest Update on (2) Enhanced Notifications for All Users. This caused us a little pain in the rear as it broke our Spam Protection (3) Break-Unbreak Flow, resulting into (4) Remaining Actions left idle on break.


THIS EFFECTED about 70-80 BTweeps Users & their Activities at our Platform.


In short, this critical bug left BTweeps users & their actions stuck on BREAK, and couldn’t “UNBREAK” to resume the actions as per the intelligent automated growth cycles.


Fortunately, We are dedicated, talented & passionate enough. The Bug was TROUBLESHOOTED Successfully overnight in a snap. All pending activities resumed in few hours & we got everything UP & Running in Harmony like never before.


Furthermore, this caused rush & pressure of “Remaining Actions” to be fulfilled for all Stuck Activity of few BTweeps Users. Being responsible Creators, We took it as a mission & pushed through the activities to make it happen for everyone.


Lastly, Since the rush & pressure of performing 1000s of “Remaining Actions” was in pursuit, this ALSO caused BTweeps to hit Twitter Limits for few users, resulting into Triggering of “BREAK/Pause of Actions” for them before the Twitter Limits are cleared up in few hours.


If was THEN, and this is NOW, we lived throughout that process & created more bright perceptions to Continue SOLIDIFYING the Foundation of BTweeps.


That’s the kind of deep dev dark mode we lived that night for the love of BTweeps, Twitter & the Users.


Making your Twitter Experience better! That’s why we are more than just a SaaS app. With Best-in-class Tech & Reliable Support. With SPAM Protection at Core. We take care of all creative Tweeple.


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Until next time… Ciao!!!!


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Mohd Imran

Founder & CEO, BIZBoost Inc.


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