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All you need for a better Twitter growth experience. Become a Power User in less than a day.

The Basics


Automation Mode

Switch to Automated Audience Management and Leave your Twitter audience buzz and growth on BTweeps.


Manual Mode

Switch to Manual Audience Management and activate the one operation at a time as per you need.



Best method to Grow your Audience. Just enter the Twitter handle of a Quality account, Choose “Followers Or Following”, and we will do the rest.



It’s Twitter kindness to follow back your loyal followers.



Clean the clutter. Unfollow those who don’t have time to interact with you and who don’t follow-back.


Likes Targeting

Target tweets in Trending #Hastags and Niche Keywords to bring organic buzz.

ABUNDANCE of Awesomeness





Organic Audience Buzz

Built on Purpose

BTweeps is the MOST Simplified Twitter Growth Management SaaS product. With Simplicity & Efficiency at CORE, it does all the Twitter Growth Operations for you while you are having a good time off. With Automation Growth cycles that are built to smoothly Manage and Target your Twitter growth like it was never imagined.

Super Performance

BTweeps Growth Algorithm is built to Perform in the Symphony of Efficiency.

24/7 Uptime

We’ve no holidays, no downtime, no bs. BTweeps works for you non-stop 24/7. Team no sleep!

Realtime Stats

You have the right to know, see and embrace what’s happening behind the scenes.

Flexible To Use

Switch between Automation and Manual Operations on the go. Whichever way you prefer.

Beautiful UI

Art, you know it when you see it. With a beautiful UI comes easy to use features and navigation across the entire dashboard.

Best Experience

For us it’s important to give you only the best of BTweeps experience, in total peace of mind.

What exactly you can do with BTweeps

Capture organic engagement & growth opportunities from everywhere, even while you are asleep. Be there automagically right where your audience is most engaged, and give your team the collaboration, organization, and automation they need to move faster.

Ask us anything


How do I enable slow growth so that it doesn’t do spammy actions and gets my account blocked?

We have SPAM PROTECTION feature at the CORE of BTweeps algorithm which keeps the speed of actions run in small chunks throughout a period of 24hrs performed safely and affectively without violating twitter rules. So stay assured on this part. This is one of the main reason why we built BTweeps, the safest growth hack tool for twitter users. Most importantly, when your follow or unfollow is ACTIVE on BTweeps, please do not follow or unfollow via Twitter app as this will trigger security issues from multiple locations. Also, please engage with your audience, tweet often and interact.

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