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BTweeps is a robust SaaS tool with a simplified collection of features, wrapped in a slick dashboard that secures your Twitter Growth Management.

Our Approach to Twitter Marketing is Centered Around Targeting, Engaging, Learning & Growing With Your Audience

ACTIONS Performed


How it works

Just Sign up with Twitter, Add Target, Choose the Action to Perform, Setup the Operation Mode (Automated/Manual), & Let us do that leg work for you!

BTweeps Dashboard

Crafted and Tested with Precision. Built for Simplified Twitter Growth Management. Our In-Build Notifications & Automation Technology will take good care of you and your Twitter Growth needs, in total Peace of Mind.

Connect, Manage and Grow all your Twitter accounts at one place.

All your Twitter Growth Management at one single dashboard. That Easy, & Yes that simple!

100% SAFE & in Twitter Compliance

Built in cooperation with Twitter API, and in sync with it’s T&C, Usage, Privacy, Spam, Security Policies & Best Practices. Encrypted End-To-End. No BS!

Years of Innovation

With a single BTweeps account, you can secure the audience targeting and growth management of all your Twitter accounts simultaneously. Manage, TARGET, & Grow your Twitter Audience, Interactions, Visitors, Reach, Engagement, and Impressions on the go with the BTweeps, enjoy the intuitive Growth Automation SaaS (Software as a Service).

BTweeps is Built on Twitter API backed with a World-Class Algorithm that takes care of your Twitter Account Growth Management at ease. 

BTweeps is Your ONLY SAFEST Twitter Growth Automation Solution. The Natural Laws of Twitter suggests You shall be a peaceful bird with a global perspective. Hence we built BTweeps!




Meet the Creators.

Mohd Imran

Founder & CEO

Rahul Garg

Co-founder & Chief Product Dev


Art, you know it when you see it. With a beautiful UI comes easy to use features and navigation across the entire dashboard.


BTweeps is the MOST Simplified Twitter Growth Management SaaS product. With Simplicity & Efficiency at CORE, BTweeps does all the Twitter Growth Operations for you while you are having a good time off. BTweeps Automation Growth cycles are built to smoothly Manage and Target your Twitter growth like it was never imagined.


BTweeps is Built on Twitter API backed with a World-Class Strategic Algorithm that takes care of your Twitter Account Growth Management at ease. BTweeps is focused on Twitter User’s need with Core Management & Growth of Twitter Accounts for General Audience, Business audience, & all genres who love and care about their Twitter accounts & their audiences.

24/7 Uptime

We’ve no holidays, no downtime, no bs. BTweeps works for you non-stop 24/7. Team no sleep!

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Manage & Grow your Twitter Together!

Simplified Twitter Growth Management.

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